Terms & Conditions

Code of Ethics of Company Distributors

As an owner of my company distributorship, I agree to conduct my company business according to the following ethical guidelines:

  • 1- As a basic guideline in my activities as a company distributor, I will endeavor to always treat others, as I would have them treat me.
  • 2- I will respect and follow this code of ethics and the rules of conduct observing not only letter but also the spirit.
  • 3- I will present company products and the company sales and marketing plan to all prospective distributors in a truthful and honest manner, and I will make sure to present only what is approved in official company publications.
  • 4- I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, frankness and responsibility because I recognize that my conduct as a company distributor has far reaching effects.
  • 5- I will accept and carry out the responsibilities of a company distributor, as set forth in official company publications.
  • 6- In my company product sales activities, and for the purpose of protecting the company sales and marketing plan, I will use only company produced or company authorized publications


The company rules of conduct define and establish certain principles to be followed in the development and maintenance of a company distributorship and the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each company distributor. The rules are designed to preserve the benefits available to all the distributors under Company Sales and Marketing Plan. Company and its Distributors have a binding contractual relationship. The terms and conditions of this relationship are set forth in the SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT LTD distributor application form, company sales and marketing plan. Company rules of conduct and other literature in the company business kit. From time to time, the contents of these official documents may be amended by company will, prior to making any amendment to the official documents, submit to the distributor leadership for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation, proposed amendments other than those necessitated due to any government order, regulation or law. Final discussion making authority with respect to any amendment rests with company will notify all such amendments to the distributor by publication in SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT LTD and Leadership Update.


In these rules unless the context otherwise require, the following words and phrases shall mean what is given below: 2.1.1- “SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT. LTD.” means a company registered under the company act, 1956 having its registered office at 2.1.2- Administrative office mean business means the aggregated rights, duties, and privileges of a distributor to conduct business with SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT. LTD other distributors and third parties as provided in company business kit, including but not limited to the rules of conduct. SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT. LTD product means all goods and services, Including literature and other support or auxiliary materials, made available by company to distributors. SUBHOTAM MULTITRADE PVT. LTD sales and marketing plan means the plan provided in the company business kit dealing company’s, performance incentive system, sponsoring procedures and guidelines, requirements systems, procedures and policies regarding the presentation of company products, the company business and the management of an company organization as set forth I the company business kit s amended from the time to time by company and of which these rules are a part. Company business kit means the company products and literature provided with the distributor application. As promotional product gift which are not for sale.

Business Support Material refers to the any privately produced materials, in both written and recorded form, and meetings which may be developed, produced, and distributed by distributors for the purpose of training and motivating the distributors in their business group as well as for the purpose of attracting prospects in becoming company distributors. Business Group refers to that distributor and all his personally sponsored distributors, all those distributors sponsored by his personally sponsored distributors and so on down to and including those who have not sponsored anyone but excluding any direct distributors in the organization under him or any distributors in the business group of such direct distributors. Business Year means a period beginning from April 1 and ending of March 31 of the following calendar. Corporate authorization for means the form required to be filled in by proprietorship concern, partnership or a company desiring to become a distributor, which provide information about the business entity and the authorized signatories thereof Cross group selling means that a distributor selling products to distributor in other lines of sponsorship. Distributor application means form ES-ID application detailing the terms and condition of distributorship that is required to be filled in and submitted by a person desiring to become and company distributor. Line of Sponsorship shall include in an ascending manner there sponsor of a distributor, the sponsor’s sponsor and so forth and shall end at company. Market means the territory of India as such additional territories as may be added by company from time to time.

Membership Year is a calendar year commencing from Jan 1 and ending on Dec 31. Rules of Conduct mean these rules of conduct for distributor which can be changed or modified by company from time to time, as provided in these rules. Sponsor means distributor who introduces to company an applicant for authorization as a distributor who in turn becomes a distributor by virtue of company’s acceptance of his distributor application, “personally sponsored distributor” has a corresponding meaning. All the terms used in these rules that are defined or explained in the company sales and marketing plan shall have the same meaning as given in the company sales and marketing plan. Expect when the contents so requires, everything that is in the singular shall include the plural, and whatever refers to the masculine shall include the feminine. The company sales and marketing plan shall be considered to be an integral part of these rules of conduct.